New Items - Soviet Tanks 28mm 1/48 Scale

Welcome to our Range of 1/48 Scale Soviet Tanks


T34 76mm 1941 Model- 28mm 1/48 Scale

The T34 was armed with the 76 mm L.30.5 gun. The gun mantlet seems to be upside down. This version had serious gear box problems. T-34/76.A are easily recognized, because they typically carry spare gear box and clutch units on the rear engine deck. The engine access cover on the rear plate is square.

Supplied unpainted - £23

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T34 85mm - 28mm 1/48 Scale

The T34 was later equipped with an 85 mm gun to allow it to compete with the Tiger tanks on the eastern front. Later versions were also given better armour.  The T34/85 had a flatter turret, making a smaller target – an innovation that was copied in many tanks after the war.

Supplied unpainted - £23




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