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Perry Miniatures WW2 Models

WW8 British tank crews

Supplied unpainted -£7.50


WW17  6pdr and 4 crew. 

Supplied unpainted - £11.50


WW 21 Crew for 25 pdr.

Please note this is just the crew for the Blitzkrieg Miniatures gun and limber BM 37

Supplied unpainted - £7.50


WW 1. Desert Rats 1940-43. 38 hard plastic multipose British or Commonwealth infantry for the desert war. There are enough to make a platoon of 3 sections plus an HQ section. Also included are 32x 20mm circular and 4x 40mm square bases (for the support teams).

Supplied unpainted - £20.00


GWW 3 German tank crew

Supplied unpainted - £7.50


GWW 7 Marder II crew.

These can be also be used for other artillery crew and self propelled guns. Please note that they are not sold with bases.

Supplied unpainted - £7.50


GWW 15 Seated German infantry section. Can be used in the Opel Blitz (GWW 14)

Supplied unpainted - £11.50


GWW 16 Crew for the 88mm flak gun by Blitzkrieg Miniatures (BM 27). There are 8 figures plus two ammo cases.




Supplied unpainted - £9.50



GWW 20 Seated half section of infantry plus driver. Suitable for the Sd.Kfz.7 (code BM 45)

Supplied unpainted - £7.50


GWW 1 Afrikakorps, German Infantry 1941-43

38 Hard Plastic multipose figures. The box contains enough figures for a platoon or Zug plus command. There is a choice of head gear (steel helmets, tropical cork helmets or field caps) and arm postions and weapons including MG 34's, anti-tank rifles, 50 mm mortars, MP 40's, Kar 98's, etc. The box also has individual round bases and 40 mm square bases for the weapons teams as well as organisational information. 

Supplied unpainted - £20.00



ITWW 9 Italian tank crew. Includes 2 complete figures bailed out plus 5 half figures.

To be used with Blitzkrieg Miniature tanks available from this website.

Supplied unpainted - £7.50



ITWW 17 Italian Self propelled gun crew (for use with BM32 Semovente 90/53 and BM35 Semovente 47/32. They could also be used to man the German 88mm BM27)





Supplied unpainted - £7.50


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